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These people have a RIGHT to know!!!

Bye Myself

by Clay Killer

It's the way I feel I deal now
The way I steal my feels now
So fun to be alone

So how’s that Seawall parking working out for ya?

I’ve seen many a would-be tourist reconsider going to Galveston on the weekend because they find the Seawall parking fees unfair.

Relax, and Enjoy the Difference ... Island Style

 Classic Auto Galveston, located in sunny Galveston, Texas, is proud to be one of the premier Ford, Chevy, GMC, Honda and Scion dealerships in the Houston area.


photo by Kristy Baker

 Thousands, perhaps millions of people like you across Galveston Island and County, resident or tourist, may have nerves that are shot, minds frazzled, and feelings hurt. 

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